colour observation

1.what colors make black ans:violet+orange+green
2.what colors make white ans:blue+red+green

flame test

why you use the water? ans:to clean the remaining chemical on the stick what color was lithium and strontium--the demonstration ans: Red




Today in Add Science class we will do Ice cream by using the ice and salt .Our group will do ice cream chocolate . First we pour milk in the zip lock and let the air out then put it in the basin and put the ice and salt on top and shake about 5-10 minute to make it freeze. And decorate with topping then eat it !

vertual lab



17. Explain how chemical weathering creates caves and sinkholes.
Ans:  chemical weathering dissolves large portions of limestone or other rock on the surface of the Earth to form a landscape called karts. In these areas, the surface rock is pockmarked with holes,caves.

 18. Explain the difference between weathering and erosion.
 Ans: weathering occurs in place whereas erosion involves movement to a new location.

 19. If you were protecting a national park like Khao Yai from erosion, what would you do?
Ans: build the strong barrier wall

 20. What effect to erosion do dams have--such as the Srinakarin dam?
 Ans: The alteration of a river's flow and sediment transport downstream of a dam